Student Insurance

Students enrolled in the SHIP and graduating May, 2015 retain their coverage until August 18, 2015. 



The Enrollment/Waiver period for Summer I 2015 begins May 6, 2015 and continues to May 15, 2015.

The Enrollment/Waiver period for Summer II 2015 begins June 15, 2015 and continues to June 26, 2015.



***The open enrollment/waiver period for Fall 2015 opens August 1, 2015 and remains open until September 4, 2015, Census Day.  Late waivers will be accepted for 30 days after Census Day (through October 4, 2015) with a late waiver fee of $125. Waivers must be submitted, in person or by email, with a copy of your insurance card at the SHIP office.  (A printable waiver form can be found here, and under "important forms" in the sidebar.) Students who do not waive are automatically enrolled in the SHIP.  

To support the educational mission of the Colorado School of Mines and the academic success of our students by offering high quality health insurance, at a reasonable cost.

Health Insurance Requirement
Colorado School of Mines is committed to the health and well-being of all of its students. Good health is essential to academic success. The Colorado School of Mines has required students to have adequate health insurance as a condition of enrollment since 1991. No distinction is made for part-time versus full-time status. Degree-seeking U. S. Citizen and Permanent Resident students who demonstrate coverage that meets CSM requirements may waive the SHIP provided by CSM using the online enrollment/waiver system. Information on coverage requirements can be found the "MEASURE UP" page.

2014 - 2015 Policy Information from UnitedHealthCare StudentResources

Annual Enrollment
A student's enrollment into the Student Health Insurance Program is an annual selection. The enrollment selection that the student chooses is binding for the entire academic year, including summer.
Please review this website for eligibility, benefits (click here for Plan Years 2013-14 and before) (click here for Policy Year 2014-15) and termination information on the Mines Student Health Insurance Program.

NCAA Intercollegiate Athletes
Information about Intercollegiate Sports Coverage. NCAA Intercollegiate Athletes: See this page for coverage information.

International Students:
All International students enrolled in courses at the Colorado School of Mines are required to enroll in the SHIP.
This requirement applies to all International Students (excludes International Scholars who have been awarded research, teaching or faculty appointments).
International students who have government, embassy or US-based company sponsorships may be able to waive the SHIP.  International students must waive using  a paper waiver.  Waviers need to be turned in to the Student Health Benefits Office, located in the W. Lloyd Wright Student Wellness Center, 1770 Elm Street, #207.




Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

Summary of Benefits for the SHIP

SHIP Brochure 2014-2015

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